Category: Wrongful Death

We successfully negotiated a confidential settlement in excess of seven figures for our clients. This was a violent rear end crash where the passenger was killed. The driver, who was the wife of the deceased passenger, sustained injuries requiring surgery. The driver of the truck that rear ended our clients had his cruise set on […]

We obtained a substantial confidential settlement for a family whose father and dad was killed and three (3) other family members were seriously injured when the truck in which they were riding had a tire fail (de-tread) causing the driver of the vehicle to lose control and roll over several times. We pursued claims relating […]

We negotiated a substantial confidential settlement on behalf of the wife and adult children of a man who was crushed to death when he was sucked into a round hay baler.

We negotiated a substantial settlement for the wife and children of a man who was killed on the job while operating heavy machinery that rolled over and crushed him to death. The man’s employer paid the settlement based on a claim of gross negligence. We also obtained a confidential settlement from the manufacturer of the […]

A 28 year old young lady died as a result of the negligence of a hospital and its employees, including the nurses and hospital administrators. We were able to obtain a substantial confidential settlement for the young lady‚Äôs 4 year old son and her parents. The young lady suffocated to death because the nurses and […]

We represented the parents of a seventeen year old boy who was shot and killed during an altercation inside an after-hours BYOB dance club in Odessa, Texas. Prior to the time our clients‚Äô son was shot, there had been a number of incidents of violent criminal conduct in the area immediately surrounding the club in […]