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Buy-Sell Agreement


We represented a former partner in a successful health care company involving the breach of a Buy-Sell Agreement. Our client was bought out by the company, and the company failed to pay our client based upon an alleged violation of the non-competition agreement. After the pretrial hearing and the day before the jury trial, the case was settled for a confidential amount.


Buy-Sell Agreement


We represented a former partner in a steel company who had sold his interest to his partner for a substantial sum. Our client alleged that, prior to the buyout, his former partner had failed to advise our client of a business opportunity that would have substantially increased the buyout amount. We sued the former partner and the company for securities violations and breach of fiduciary duty. This case was settled for a confidential amount after the deposition of the former business partner’s forensic accountant.


Buy-Sell Agreement


We represented a large group of physicians in a case involving the buyout of a doctor under a Buy-Sell agreement. The dispute centered around the interpretation of the agreement and involved several million dollars of shares of the company as well as an interest in real property. After a four day trial, we obtained a favorable verdict on behalf of our clients.



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August 7, 2020


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