18 Wheeler Wrecks Require Experienced Attorneys

Wrecks caused by 18 wheelers on Texas highways happen way too often.  Let the attorneys from Derryberry Zips help you navigate your legal rights and fight for every dollar you deserve.


Texas highways can be extremely dangerous for passenger cars and motorcycles due to the high volume of 18-wheeler trucks, buses, semi-trailers, and tractor-trailers on the roadways. Truck drivers are often over-worked and driving hours that exceed the federally mandated hours for truck drivers.


If you are involved in a wreck with a large truck, 18 wheeler, or other commercial vehicle, retaining an experienced attorney to immediately investigate the wreck can be the difference between winning and losing. The lawyers at Derryberry Zips routinely hire experts in the trucking industry to prepare state-of-the-art accident reconstructions, as well as employing safety experts to evaluate the policies and procedures of the trucking company and the truck driver’s qualifications. Our experts are often at the scene of the wreck within hours of the client contacting us.

Trucking companies must obey the law.

Some of the most treacherous roads in Texas are:

  • I-30 from Fort Worth to Greenville
  • I-20 from Abilene to Marshall
  • I-35 from San Antonio to Denton
  • I-45 from Dallas to Houston/Galveston

Numerous state and federal laws apply to trucking companies, and trucking companies routinely ignore their federally mandated responsibility to ensure the safety of the general public. The lawyers at Derryberry Zips engage in an exhaustive examination of the records of a truck involved in each crash. These records often reveal that the truck drivers and trucking companies have:

  • Failed to properly load and secure cargo
  • Failed to perform routine vehicle maintenance
  • Failed to properly train drivers
  • Failed to hire competent and qualified drivers
  • Failed to perform federally required background checks
  • Failed to monitor and enforce federally required limits on driving time resulting in driver fatigue
  • Failed to prevent and reprimand past reckless behavior
  • Failed to have proper safety procedures in place to prevent wrecks
  • Violated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Violated industry standards
  • Violated their own written policies and procedures


Trucking crashes cause catastrophic injuries


Because of their enormous size compared to other vehicles on the road, as well as the speed of highway traffic, truck wrecks result in serious, life-altering, injuries such as:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Broken or severed limbs
  • Internal organ damage
  • Spinal injuries
  • Death


If you have been injured in a Texas trucking crash, and need a truck wreck attorney, contact the experienced Texas lawyers of Derryberry Zips, PLLC for a free consultation.


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