Category: Premises Liability

We obtained a substantial settlement for a woman who slipped and fell in a liquid substance in a high traffic area near the front of a grocery Store in Tyler, Texas. Our client sustained a fractured femur that required surgery and the placement of plates and screws in her femur (thigh).

We represented an employee of a roofing company who climbed on to the roof of a commercial building in Houston, Texas in order to perform an estimate of necessary roof repairs at the request of the occupant of the building. There were a number of flat skylight panels on the roof of the building, including […]

We represented the parents of a seventeen year old boy who was shot and killed during an altercation inside an after-hours BYOB dance club in Odessa, Texas. Prior to the time our clients‚Äô son was shot, there had been a number of incidents of violent criminal conduct in the area immediately surrounding the club in […]