Category: Commercial Vehicle Car Wreck

We successfully negotiated a confidential settlement in excess of seven figures for our clients. This was a violent rear end crash where the passenger was killed. The driver, who was the wife of the deceased passenger, sustained injuries requiring surgery. The driver of the truck that rear ended our clients had his cruise set on […]

We successfully negotiated a $1,100,000.00 settlement for our clients who were rear ended by a drunk driver operating a company vehicle. The driver had previous convictions for DWI in 1985 and 2010. His employer never disciplined him, including never suspending his driving privileges, prior to our crash. The driver, Teodoro Ortega, lied to the Tyler […]

We successfully negotiated a high six figure confidential settlement for our client on an underinsurance motorist claim that resulted from a violent rear end crash. Our client was a front seat passenger in a pick-up truck that was rear ended by a large pick-up truck. The at-fault driver had only $50,000.00 in insurance and that […]

We successfully negotiated a $1,000,000.00 policy limits settlement for our client who was involved in a violent rear end wreck with a large oil field service vehicle. The oil field service company, Watergator, Inc., allowed a female contract driver, Brittany Robinett, with very little experience or training to permissively operate a company vehicle despite her […]

We obtained a substantial settlement for a woman who was hit in the front passenger side of her vehicle while turning into the parking lot of her place of employment. A temporary employee of LCR-M, Ltd. was driving a F-350 Ford truck with a modified flatbed when he attempted to illegally pass our client by […]

We successfully negotiated a substantial confidential settlement in the high six figures for our client who was involved in a violent rear end wreck with a large oil field service vehicle in Corpus Christi, Texas. The oil field service company hired an employee and allowed him to permissively operate a company vehicle without performing any […]