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Defendant Truck Driver Had Several Prior Moving Violations – Negligence

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Defendant Truck Driver Had Several Prior Moving Violations – Negligence

We successfully negotiated a $1,000,000.00 policy limits settlement for our client who was involved in a violent rear end wreck with a large oil field service vehicle. The oil field service company, Watergator, Inc., allowed a female contract driver, Brittany Robinett, with very little experience or training to permissively operate a company vehicle despite her having five (5) convictions for moving violations. In view of Robinett‚his five (5) convictions, allowing her to drive the company vehicle was in direct violation of a written policy of Watergator. Additionally, Robinett‚his cell phone records established she was texting when she violently slammed into the back of our client‚his vehicle causing him to sustain significant injuries and resulting in approximately $50,000 in property damage to the 10 wheeler he was driving. Further, Robinett‚his vehicle burst into flames and our client bravely pulled Robinett out of her burning truck while she was screaming for him not to let her burn to death. Our client sustained significant injuries, including herniated discs in both his neck and lower back, left leg and foot injuries, and left arm and hand injuries. He was also diagnosed with a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and continues to seek treatment for this condition. At the time the policy limits were paid, our client had undergone one lower back surgery and his treating neurosurgeon testified that three (3) additional surgeries (two for his neck and one more for his lower back) would be necessary to treat his injuries during his lifetime. After payment of attorney‚his fees ($400,000.00), expenses ($34,479.34) and medical bills our client will net more than $400,000.00.

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