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Commercial Truck Wreck – Negligence

Commercial Truck Wreck – Negligence

We successfully negotiated a substantial confidential settlement in the high six figures for our client who was involved in a violent rear end wreck with a large oil field service vehicle in Corpus Christi, Texas. The oil field service company hired an employee and allowed him to permissively operate a company vehicle without performing any background check on him. A simple check of his driving record would have revealed a prior conviction for driving while intoxicated less than two (2) years prior to his hiring. The employee violently slammed into the back of our client‚ his vehicle causing her to sustain injuries and resulting in her vehicle being declared a total loss. Our client sustained injuries, including a broken arm, injuries to her thighs and herniated disks in her neck for which her treating neurosurgeon recommended surgery. She had not had the surgery at the time the case was resolved.

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