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Unsafe U-Turn by Dodge Ram 3500 – Negligence

Unsafe U-Turn by Dodge Ram 3500 – Negligence

We obtained a policy limits settlement for our client as a result of a horrific wreck on SH 43 in Rusk County, Texas. Our client was a passenger in a 2015 SUV when a man driving a Dodge Ram 3500 made an unexpected U turn directly into their path causing a violent crash. Both vehicles were totaled and the at fault driver was issued a citation for making an unsafe U turn. Our client sustained significant injuries, including a shoulder injury that required surgery. His treating physician is also recommending he have surgery on his neck. We aggressively pursued our client‚his claims in a lawsuit and the Defendant‚his insurance company agreed to pay his insurance liability policy limits and our client‚his own insurance company also agreed to pay the limits of his underinsurance coverage.

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