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Interstate Highway Accident – Negligence

Interstate Highway Accident – Negligence

We obtained a settlement for the insurance policy limits for a woman who was part of a husband/wife tandem 18 wheeler driving team for Covenant Transport. The woman was sleeping in the cab of the 18 wheeler during the early morning hours when her husband encountered a vehicle that was partially parked in the right hand lane of IH 40 Westbound in North Texas. The car had no lights turned on, including no parking lights, and took no measures to attempt to warn approaching traffic of his stalled vehicle. It was completely dark at the time of the encounter and the husband unsuccessfully attempted to take evasive action to avoid the accident. However, the husband side swiped the parked vehicle and the 18 wheeler ended up rolling on its side and our client sustained severe injuries, including a torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder and a torn meniscus in her left knee, both of which required surgery. She was unable to medically return to work as a truck driver after the accident because of her injuries.

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