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Crossing Center Line – Negligence

Crossing Center Line – Negligence

We obtained a policy limits settlement for our 12 year old female client as a result of a horrific wreck. Our client was a passenger in a truck that was hit head on by a man that crossed the center line of a two lane highway. An autopsy performed on the at fault driver revealed that he had amphetamine, methamphetamine, opiates, and other prescription drugs in his system at the time of the wreck. The truck in which our client was riding flipped and landed on its roof crushing the roof. The at fault driver was killed on impact. Our client was life-flighted to Children‚ his hospital in Dallas and was diagnosed with several fractures in her back. We aggressively pursued our client‚his claims and the at fault driver‚ his insurance company, Farm Bureau, agreed to pay the policy limits that were available. Additionally, our client‚ his parents‚ his underinsurance carrier, Allstate, also paid the maximum available policy limits to our client.

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