18 Wheeler Driver Crosses Center Line and Causes Violent Crash

July 15th, 2019 by admin

We successfully negotiated a confidential settlement in excess of seven figures for our client who was involved in a crash when another 18-wheeler driver crossed the center line and caused a violent crash in our client’s lane which resulted in our client sustaining significant injuries, harms and losses. The driver of the commercial motor vehicle that caused the crash died in the crash. We established that the deceased driver was woefully underqualified to operate the commercial motor vehicle he was operating on the date of the wreck. He had numerous other preventable crashes as determined by his prior employers and had job hopped for several years before the crash. His driving record established that he was inadequately trained and should not have been operating the commercial motor vehicle at the time of the crash. The investigating DPS trooper placed all blame on the deceased driver for the violent and deadly crash. Our client sustained injuries requiring him to undergo surgery on his neck (a fusion) and has been unable to return to work as a truck driver because of the violent nature of the crash. After payment of fees, doctor bills and expenses, our client received in excess of seven figures.

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