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Texas highways top the list of the most dangerous in the nation. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), large trucks cause 7.8 percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States. And in a statistical analysis of accidents nationwide, Texas topped the list of U.S. states with the highest rate of fatalities resulting from big rig crashes.

The claim process in the aftermath of a Texas trucking accident and the lawsuits arising from such an accident can be extremely complex and contentious. Victims of Texas truck wrecks can seek compensation for many types of injuries and losses that include the following:

  • Wrongful death
  • Severe spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Internal organ damage
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Broken or severed limbs
  • Damage to personal property
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages

Texas big rig accidents

Many Texas trucking accident settlements have reached millions of dollars. A trucking accident lawsuit can involve many parties, including trucking and insurance companies. Multiple vehicles and victims may be involved. The Texas trucking accident law firm of Derryberry Zips Wade Lawhorn has extensive experience representing victims of Texas trucking accidents and filing successful lawsuits on their behalf.

Trucking accident lawyer in Texas

With pressures to deliver greater loads of cargo to more destinations than ever before, commercial trucking companies often find themselves overbooked. Because of this, they resort to subcontracting the services of smaller, independent trucking companies and drivers that own and operate their own trucks.

A Texas trucking accident attorney like those at DZWL can determine if a trucking accident in Texas stemmed from negligent business practices such as the following:

  • Failure to perform adequate background checks of drivers
  • Obtaining a Commercial Driver License (CDL) through fraudulent means
  • Falsifying safety records and logs during truck operation
  • Drivers operating trucks while texting or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Insufficient training and experience operating big rigs

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Because the damages and casualties resulting from a truck wreck are seldom minor and the laws governing truck safety are complex, you need to seek the help of Texas trucking accident lawyers like those at Derryberry Zips Wade Lawhorn to protect your rights as soon after your accident as possible. We have a strong track record representing truck accident victims and work hard to obtain just compensation for our clients who have been injured in a Texas trucking accident. Contact us today.

cases title

Slip/Fall in Grocery Store – Negligence

We obtained a substantial settlement for a woman who slipped and fell in a liquid substance in a high traffic area near the front of a grocery Store in Tyler, Texas. Our client sustained a fractured femur that required surgery and the placement of plates and screws in her femur (thigh).

Roofing Accident – Negligence

We represented an employee of a roofing company who climbed on to the roof of a commercial building in Houston, Texas in order to perform an estimate of necessary roof repairs at the request of the occupant of the building. There were a number of flat skylight panels on the roof of the building, including several that had been painted with a silver metallic coating to match the color of the roof. The employee stepped on one of the painted skylights and fell approximately 20 feet, thereby suffering severe injuries. After filing suit on behalf of the employee, prior to trial we obtained a substantial confidential settlement on behalf of the employee.

Paraplegic – Handling, Stability and Defective Seat Belt

We obtained a substantial confidential settlement for a man who was paralyzed from the waist down after his sports utility vehicle hit some ice causing him to lose control of the vehicle, enter the median and roll over several times. During the accident, his seatbelt came undone, causing him to be thrown from the vehicle and to suffer severe injuries.

Tire De-Tread Injury

We obtained a substantial confidential settlement for two women who were severely injured when the SUV in which they were riding had a tire fail (de-tread) causing the driver of the vehicle to lose control and roll over several times. We pursued claims relating to the defective tire on behalf of both women.

Defective Motorcycle Helmet – Brain Injury

We negotiated a substantial confidential settlement for the family of a twelve year old boy who sustained a severe head injury that resulted from a fall off a motorcycle that was going less than 5 mph. The boy fell onto a dirt surface. The helmet the boy was wearing was defectively designed and, as a result, he will have significant mental problems and need care for the remainder of his life.

Tire De-Tread

We obtained a substantial confidential settlement for a family whose father and dad was killed and three (3) other family members were seriously injured when the truck in which they were riding had a tire fail (de-tread) causing the driver of the vehicle to lose control and roll over several times. We pursued claims relating to the defective tire on behalf of the family.

Hay Baler Accident

We negotiated a substantial confidential settlement on behalf of the wife and adult children of a man who was crushed to death when he was sucked into a round hay baler.

Claim Against Product Manufacturer and Gross Negligence Against Deceased’s Employer

We negotiated a substantial settlement for the wife and children of a man who was killed on the job while operating heavy machinery that rolled over and crushed him to death. The man’s employer paid the settlement based on a claim of gross negligence. We also obtained a confidential settlement from the manufacturer of the heavy machinery.

Negligent Security

We represented the parents of a seventeen year old boy who was shot and killed during an altercation inside an after-hours BYOB dance club in Odessa, Texas. Prior to the time our clients’ son was shot, there had been a number of incidents of violent criminal conduct in the area immediately surrounding the club in the several years prior to this incident. The club had a stated policy of patting people down and wanding them with a hand held metal detector prior to allowing patrons to enter the club. Despite this policy, on the day in question the operators of the club allowed someone to take a gun inside the club that was used to kill our clients’ son. The operators of the club claimed, among other things, that they were not responsible for the death because the shooter was responsible for intentionally firing the gun and because the son should not have been at the club in the first place. After filing suit on behalf of our clients, about a month before the scheduled trial date we obtained a settlement on behalf of our clients in which the insurance company for the operators of the club paid policy limits to settle the case.