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The Basics Every Parent Should Know. (Some text forwarded from a State sponsored website.) Juvenile cases may include charges that a child is delinquent, dependent, or in need of supervision. A delinquent child is a one who has committed an offense which, if that child were an adult, would be considered a crime. A dependent […]

Dealing with the Federal Government. By Tab Lawhorn, Member of Derryberry Zips Wade Lawhorn, PLLC A rule of thumb with federal drug crimes is that if you have been contacted by the FBI then you have been the target of an investigation for at least a year.„ÄÄDrug crimes can be violations of both state and […]

Background Checks: Digging Up Your Past, Present, and Future. By Tab Lawhorn, Member of Derryberry Zips Wade Lawhorn, PLLC When I was a young aspiring lawyer, one of my first clients came into my tiny office and¬†told me that she couldn’t get a college scholarship because she had an old criminal case on her record.¬† […]

By Tab Lawhorn, Member of Derryberry¬†Zips Wade Lawhorn, PLLC As my flight left the slick run way headed for home, I couldn‚Äôt help but notice that the woman next to me was in severe distress.¬† It has been raining for days, and the beads of water were glistening off the tiny window next to her […]